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"After more than 19 years of operating we still believe you will be unable to find a comparable Tour Package and with such good value"




  Fly to Normandy





Omaha Beach
    "The Best of Normandy Touring   -   A Thousand Years of History"

   "A Thousand Fond Memories "

As mentioned in 'USA Today' by Rob Wagner


Please Note that because of committments
we can now only accept bookings for groups of 6, people.


Escorted Guided Touring
in Normandy.


With no worries or cares, you can;-
Enjoy the richness of the lush Normandy countryside while travelling each day to see;-

  • D-Day Landing Beaches
  • Battlefields - Can, GB, Pol & US
  • Omaha Beach
  • American War Cemetery
  • Pointe du Hoc
  • The Corridor of Death
  • Monet's Gardens at Giverny
  • Bayeux Tapestry
  • Honfleur
  • Pretty Chateaux
  • and much, much more.

5 nights / 6 Days
4 nights / 5 Days
But be aware that the shorter tour means sacrificing Monet's Gardens from the standard 6 day tour itinerary.

In a group of no more than 6 persons.

This is where Small Group Touring
really means
'small group' touring.

Normandy is a big place.
Roughly the size of Maryland


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Normandy Safaris Tours on Facebook

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For our Canadian friends interested in seeing parts of their landing and battle areas;-

  • Juno Beach and the Juno Beach Museum.
  • Beny-sur-Mer and Cintheaux Canadian War Cemeteries.
  • l'Abbay d'Ardennes where over 20 Canadian prisoners were murdered by the SS.
  • St Lambert-sur-Dives where Major David Currie earned his VC during the Final Battle of Normandy.

Major David Currie VC (The South Alberta Regiment) overseeing
the surrender of German troops at St Lambert-sur-Dives


Although not forming part of the D-Day landing contingencies, the Royal Australian Air Force, Royal New Zealand Air Force, with the Royal Norwegian Navy provided support for the landings.

Mt St Michel


Tour starting from England


War Week:- 3 Days of War
& 1 Day of Peace

2 Days Touring to see:

D-Day Beaches,
Falaise Pocket Battlefield
& the Corridor of Death
1 Day for Camembert & Honfleur

4 Full Days
Including return ferry crossing Portsmouth - (Caen) Ouistreham,
Le Havre - Portsmouth
Pick-ups (Caen) Ouistreham &
Drop-offs at Le Havre ferry port.



Staying in the quiet depths of the Normandy Countryside, you will be barely 2 miles from where one of the most important battles in the European campaign took took place. Through Operation 'Cobra' General Patton made the breakout and started a speedy push eastwards. The Germans were becoming surrounded and found themselves in a 'pocket' with the Allies on virtually all sides

In 4 Days, in an area roughly 7km by 11km, 10,000 German soldiers perished. This was the final Battle of Normandy - the Battle of the Falaise Pocket/Gap, sometimes refered to as Stalingrad in Normandy.
Stand on Hill 262; the 'Gap' through which the 7th Army would attempt escape, except the Poles were already there looking down on both the escaping soldiers and the narrow tract of land that was to earn the name 'The Corridor of Death'.
This was a Battle that, logically, should never have taken place in this region.
Come and learn why it took place. And, how the geography helped dictate the destruction of the German 7th Army.

Generals, Patton, Bradley, & Montgomery early August 1944  





French Tours with a difference:- Escorted Tours through historic rural Normandy.

Normandy Battlefield Tour, Normandy Beach Tour, Normandy Tour, Omaha Beach Tour, Garden Tour, History Tour, Chateaux Tour: Richard-the-Lionheart Tour, William the Conqueror Tour.
All rolled into one.

  1. Travel in a group of no more than six persons.
  2. Stay in comfortable country accommodation in a peaceful setting.
  3. Stay in the same accommodation 5 nights. No packing and unpacking each day.
  4. Have a chauffeur/guide at all times to help you enjoy the Normandy Experience.
  5. Have relaxing picnics overlooking the River Seine and, the D-Day Landing Beaches.
  6. Look down, with amazement, on the concrete caissons floated across the channel soon after D-Day to form the harbour walls for the Mulberry Harbour off Arromanches.
  7. Stand on Omaha Beach, dip your toes in the sea and discuss the problems faced by the invading troops.
  8. See, and sit on top, one of only two 'Tiger' Tanks in France.
  9. Gaze at, and cross, the killing-field that was the Falaise Pocket - the Canadian and the Polish Battlefields.
  10. Travel the road where Field Marshal Rommel was wounded when his staff car was strafed by a lone Spitfire.
  11. Enjoy the delights of walking through Monet's Garden and, the tranquility of his lily pond.
  12. See his house and where he worked. Learn of his love for Japanese prints.
  13. Wonder at the sheer magic of the Bayeux Tapestry, made to depict the successful invasion of England nearly 1000 years ago!
  14. Tour through the beautiful countryside and see some of the prettiest Chateaux in Normandy.
  15. Visit picturesque Honfleur. Have lunch on the quayside. Peruse the multitude of art shops and galleries. See one of the oldest and most magnificent wooden churches in France. Built in 1461 to celebrate the English leaving!
  16. And, enjoy some very nice food.
We do our utmost to adjust the Itinerary to suit your special interests and needs

Truly, a vacation with only you in mind.

This is a tour designed to go at your pace.


Why Tour with us?

Because we are the best at what we do.
We do not ram the war down your throat.
We know that there are two of you. And, that the girls are not wildly excited by 'Boys Toys'.
We therefore try to make it interesting for everyone
And, we appear to succeed.


If you have a question, please
It's the easiest way
Send an e-mail
to get an answer.

UK Office at:- "Manley House", Thorne,
Yeovil, BA21 3PZ, UK

Tel: 00 44 - (0)19 35 59 36 76

Normandy Office at: 61310 Survie, France
Tel: 0033 - (0)2 33 35 31 98

The Best of Normandy Touring

    6 Days, 5 Nights.

  1. Day 1 - Sunday
    Pick-up Lisieux railway station (16.20hrs).
    Pick-up Ouistreham continental Ferry Port approx. 15.00hrs (Leaving Portsmouth 08.15hrs).
    Leisurely drive through the rich Normandy countryside to our charming country accommodation.

  2. Day 2 - Monday
    Pegasus Bridge taken by British airborne commandos at 15 minutes past mid-night on the morning of D-Day.
    Lunch - (French style in local restaurant)
    Pegasus Bridge Gliders Chateau de Crevcoeur-en-Auge
    Chateau de St.Germain-de-Livet

  3. Day 3 - Tuesday (the Longest Day)
    Bayeux - Tapestry, Cathedral.
    Omaha Beach & Museum Click for short Film
    br> Picnic lunch with Pointe du Hoc in the distance
    Pointe du Hoc (Colonel Rudder's Rangers)
    American War Cemetery.
    Longues -sur-Mer, Gun emplacements
    Arromanches - Remains of Mulberry Harbours, part of D-Day Beaches.
    Dinner 'French style' in local Bistro / restaurant before returning home

  4. Day 4 - Wednesday
    Giverny - Monet's Gardens and House.
    American Museum of Impressionist Painters.
    Lunch with a most wonderful view.
    Les Andelys - Chateau Gaillard (Richard the Lionheart's Castle).
    Dinner 'French style' in local Brasserie / restaurant

  5. Day 5 - Thursday
    Falaise, (William the Conqueror's birthplace.)
    William the Conqueror's Castle.
    Home-run after bombing Pointe du Hoc St Lambert-sur-Dives and the 'Corridor of Death'
    Picnic lunch with a fabulous view
    Mont Ormel - the Polish Battlefield (Battle of the Falaise Gap) and museum.

  6. Day 6 - Friday
    Camembert (Cheese),
    Drive up to Honfleur for Lunch on the picturesque quayside and some select souvenir shopping
    1600hrs Le Havre railway station or Ferry Port for the Portsmouth ferry
    1700hrs Lisieux. Drop-off for the 17.34hrs Paris train.

  Info & Prices

Mont Saint Michel

Mont St Michel. Click to enlarge

Click for short Film

  Although Mt Saint Michel is not part of this
5 night/6-day tour itinerary
  it may be included, by prior arrangement.

  It will change the itinerary order and replace the Giverny trip.

  It is too far to go, sensibly tour the Mt and return in a day.
  So we stay overnight.

  This allows us to go into the mediaeval village at night,
when all the tourists have gone, see the Monastry illuminated,
and walk the ramparts.

  There is a night stop-over supplement.


Why not, have the full itinerary plus the Mt St Michel tour
  by adding an extra day.


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