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'Client's Comments'

Greetings from Seattle       8 June
I'm sure there's a Bar around here somewhere!

Hi Martin,

Thank you for the note and the great picture! That was a great day, wasn't it, but then everyday was great. It's tough touring!We are back to reality, and it is tough. We had a real problem with jet lag coming back home, and are just now starting to feel normal (whatever that is).
We want to thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful France experience. We went not knowing exactly what to expect, and came away with some treasured memories of one of the most beautiful and historical parts of the world. It's hard to say what the highlight was, since each day brought a new and exciting adventure. Personally, I was most intrigued by Omaha beach, as I had no idea what to expect and was blown away by what we saw. Don't get the wrong idea. This is hard work Your knowledge of the history of the Normandy area made the whole World War II era come alive for me. Of course, the chateau's, the castles, the ruins, The Bayeux Tapestry, the wonderful French towns, and their delicious food and wine, were all exciting and inspiring. Monet's gardens were awesome, and the trips to the French markets, with the subsequent partaking of the food and drink in the form of a picnic, were a culinary adventure.
Sunshine BreakfastWe can't say enough nice things about the wonderful B&B where we stayed, and the gracious hosts, Diana and Kit. The beauty and the peaceful quaintness of the area made it hard for us to leave. We definitely will go back for another visit one of these days. We were spoiled by the wonderful culinary delights prepared by Diana, and we have the weight gain to prove it! I could go on and on, but will close with this final tribute to you and your wonderful Normandy Safari. It was a real pleasure to meet you Martin, and to get to know you during our five days together. We truly felt like members of your family by the time we had to take our leave. You made our time in France an experience we will never forget, and you instilled in us the desire to visit France again in the future. Your master of the French language was most helpful in the little towns and restaurants, and your in-depth knowledge of the places we visited made them come alive for us. The 'A' Team.
Normandy Safaris first VictimsThank you so much for making our visit to the Normandy area of France such a wonderful adventure. I would recommend this tour to anyone who is looking for an up close and personal experience with the Normandy area of France. If one wishes to experience France at a relaxed pace, yet packed full of adventure, with insightful and colorful slices of history thrown in, then Normandy Safaris is the tour for them.

Regards, Fran & Ed   (USA)

P.S. Ed is so thrilled with the bullet you gave him. What a treasure! Sorry we took so long to write, but jet lag really put us under. It sure feels good to feel good again!!

Stay in touch....


Dear Martin,

Just a quick note to let you know we have safely arrived home and are gently recovering from the clutches of jet lag on the banks of the Columbia River surrounded by a month's growth of grass. (could use a few sheep in mowing duty.) the Water-Mill at Bayeux
What an absolutely wonderful time we all had trekking through the wilds of Normandy under your guidance. Everyday was a delight! The adventure, in fact, far surpassed our most optimistic expectations. Your efforts to make this a truly delightful and unique experience were recognized and appreciated.

France has acquired a very bad reputation for its hospitality (or lack thereof) towards Non-French speaking visitors and very few Americans speak French or any other language for that matter. The experience you provide solves this problem Picnics go down a bomb! magnificently.

Future clients are in for a grand and fun time.

Good luck in your venture Martin, and let's keep in touch.

Jack and Donna   (USA)



We are back in the U.S. and are slowly recuperating. Normandy Safaris' 'Survivor' at Pointe du Hoc, Omaha BeachIt's really hard after such a delightful holiday away from the grind. Your Normandy Safari was just perfect. We thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in the rich history of the Normandy area. It was really impossible for us to identify our favorite - the Bayeaux tapestry, the picnics, Giverny, Montormel - they were all highlights. Thanks for the work in putting the Safari together.

Face to face with a 'Tiger' Your choice of Les Gains for our B&B was great. Diana and Kit were wonderful hosts. The country fragrances and sounds were so restful and relaxing. They just can't be duplicated. And the food was outstanding.

I have enclosed a few photos that we took. I will send several more in another e-mail so that I don't overload your mail server.

Thanks again.
Keep in touch,
Chuck & Melody Kincade   (USA)


Martin, It's been a couple of months since we returned from Europe. Several times since our return, Melody and I have seen TV programs (including "The Longest Day") or newspaper articles on the Normandy campaign, William the Conqueror,or the Normandy region in general. Looking at the pictures or reading the description allows us to relive our time with you. We were so lucky to have been able to experience the region first-hand. Thanks for giving us the opportunity.
Chuck & Melody Kincade   (USA)

........"But as we have told many friends and others with whom we've shared our photos, we had a super time, nonetheless, all because of our tour guide. And the more we talk about it and reflect on it, the more we realize how lucky we were.".......
Andrea & Joe Denny   (USA)

Hi friend Martin - Thanks for your E-Mail. We went on to Southampton and Princess put us up for the night. Thanks so much for your help. We had a fabulous time with you and can only look forward to the next trip. Please give us our best to Diana and Kit.
Best regards,
Ted   (USA)Mont St Michel by
Special arrangement

....."We had a wonderful time and will not hesitate to recommend you to others. All in all it was a lot of fun and thanks again for putting up with our boys; who by the way said they thoroughly enjoyed it. You could well see some of us again if we can get Gina's dad to come."....
Robin   (USA)

...."I can't tell you how much we enjoyed our stay in Normandy. The places we saw, the picnics, the country side and having you as our personal guide. I don't know how many times after we left you one of us said where is Martin Normandy Safaris'Ted E Bears picnic when we need him!
Staying in Kit and Diana's Bed and Breakfast was delightful.
I think you saved all of us alot of confusion and grief. Can you imagine us just trying to figure out how to get where we were going, much less where to go. We feel we really do know the Normandy region of France.
Thanks again for a very special vacation. If you need any recommendations please let us know. We hope to hear from you and hope you will come to San Diego sometime".
All our best,
Howdy and Sue   (USA)

"Just a few words to let you know how much we enjoyed and appreciated all your efforts to make out tour of Normandy so memorable. Everyone has commented on several occasions how we were spoiled by your personal touch. This was especially true when we were later on a bus along with 40 other gawking tourists. Please feel free to use us as references should you wish. Please stay in touch as we will also do."
Ted. (USA)

"Hi: Normandy was definitely the highlight of our trip, thanks to you, and we all feel so fortunate that we found you!! Maybe you could work up a similar tour of the English countryside. If you ever do, let us know. Take care, Martin, and good luck with your wonderful ventures"
Jan   (USA)

As we look back, we are amazed at how much we saw and did (despite Kris, Sarah, and me missing a day) in such a short time. You are to be commended on running a very organized, but still flexible, trip through a beautiful and interesting part of the world.
Steve and Kris (USA)

Hi Saint Martin...We have arrived home safe and sound after a week to be forever remembered....You must be exhausted from catering to our every need and request!! Again our sincere thanks for a great week. I'll soon be sending you a copy of our letter to International Travel News...
Bob and Shirley   (USA)

Dear Martin
We got home yesterday from our trip to England and the continent all of which was a great success with lovely weather through out.
I have to tell you we really enjoyed our trip around Normandy with you. It was the greatest fun and you looked after us so well. The picnic spots you found were fabulous and your knowledge of the area and events made it very special. We have sung your praises everywhere and I hope some of our friends will contact you. Naturally I will expect huge commissions !!. It was also particularly good to stay with the Wordsworths whom of course we found charming. It was overall a superb few days.
Thank you so much.
John and Donna Snell   (Australia)

We can't thank you enough for the ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL tour of Normandy. Our D-Day experience was everything that we hoped for, especially Dad. Normandy Safaris WWII Veteran, Al Drogosz, collects his Commemoration Medal at a French ceremony
He is anxious to look at that video that I so annoyed everyone with, but it will provide lots of memories. You put up with all of our wants and desires and quirks, and the trip was great.
I am continuing to pursue the travel business and I have your cards. I will promote you whenever I can!
Thank you! Thank you! Nancy Moeller (USA)


Hello Martin,
Jim and I cannot stop talking about what a great time we had on your tour. So far three people are interested in joining you next year. . .we're still searching for the rich, smart, pretty girl to send along as well (we'll keep you posted).
Lunch at Honfleur

Thanks again for showing us Normandy. We learned so much and had so much fun doing it!
Hope you enjoyed your week off. We miss Simone's Calvados. . . .
Catherine (USA)


Monets Garden  
.......the holiday was perfect. Seung Po enjoyed it so much, he keeps telling his patients about it . They noticed how sunburnt he looked, so they couldn't help asking him about it!
Elsie Tan (Singapore)


................Thank you again for a wonderful week, good luck, and keep in touch.
Ken, and Jean too, who is sure that you miss Us (Kansas)


......Any description of how we felt about our tour of Normandy seems inadequate--suffice to say we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Meeting you, as well as Diana and Christopher, was such a treat. The entire trip was a wonderful experience that we will always treasure. Thank you for such great fun.
Cindi Hart and family (USA)


I do want to thank you for a really memorable holiday, so interesting and superbly executed by yourself. I keep remembering and thinking of all the places you took us to and wishing I was there again. I am hoping my appreciation of the holiday, when folk enquire about it, will bring you more business.
I will send Paul and Chris an e-mail, they were so good in making the holiday comfortable and enjoyable. You have got an excellent team there.
Thankyou again for a super time , Utter perfection and after all my trials and tribulations of the past years it was everything I needed and more.
Sunset Very best wishes, Valerie. (UK)


....... we both agreed that the time spent with you in Normandy was the highlight of our (European) trip. The entire trip brought history alive but since Normandy and WW II are a part of our personal history it was especially meaningful to visit the area. You were a magnificent guide and we feel you went out of your way to make our Normandy experience a memorable one.
We will certainly recommend you highly to Shane and his partners in the travel agency as well as to our acquaintances.
Best wishes, Hoyt and Kathy Miller (Indiana, USA)


Dear Martin
Just to say again, thank you for a great week last week. We all enjoyed the holiday and saw so much, thanks to you.
If you do decide to create a non-battlefield tour you have at least four customers already waiting.
Best wishes, and thanks again.
Fred, Sheila, Alf, Joyce, Sylvia and David
PS We are all busy telling people about the tour and about Normandy Safaris

Jo & Terry Noetzel at Pegasus Bridge  
We so enjoyed our week with you in Normandy. You did a fantastic job of helping us understand what we were seeing. Thank you.
Jo and Terry Noetzel (Illinois, USA)




Dear Martin,
Mum & Dad very much enjoyed the time they spent in Normandy and with you. They said it was really very interesting and that you were exceptional. They were very impressed with the B&B in Normandy and the restaurants you took them to. We have all looked through the photos and they were obviously listening to you as all the photos had a story attached to them. All your organisation and planning was wonderful. I know they have gone back to Perth raving about the tour. Thank you for making it so very special for them. I asked Dad if he would do it again and he said he would go every year if he could!
pp Don & Heather Booth (Perth, Australia)  


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