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I'm Martin Reeve. I'm the one who organises and conducts the tours Normandy Safaris. I'm the one you shoot!
I'm the one you shootWelcome to the Normandy Safaris web site.

Normandy Safaris has been successfully operating now since 2001. A very personal service for people who enjoy travelling.

For you: a memorable and enjoyable vacation of guaranteed value. A vacation, upon which you will be able to look back, for years to come, with a smile.

We are the 'Best' at what we do. There is no-one who offers you the same, or a similar, package as Normandy Safaris.
We will take you to the places where history unfolded. A thousand years of history. You will be able to relate those things you have read, or had previously heard about, with the landscape you will see. From that starting point we will be able to discuss and debate the problems the allies had when they came to liberate the French. And, even more interestingly, the problems the Germans encountered once the allied armies had gained their foothold.

So. It's time for you to think about your vacation and to escape the trials and tribulations of this worrisome world.
Come to a quiet part of the globe where people are very happy to see you.

Don't waste your time staying in a town or luxury hotel. One town is much the same as the next, wherever you are, and luxury hotels are for those with nothing to do. You will not have enough time for doing nothing. So instead: Grab your bags and spend 5 nights in the calm depths of the beautiful Normandy countryside and see some of the facinating history from mediaeval to present times.

This is where 'Small Group' travel means 'small group' travel. You will be in a group of no more than 6 people.
You should be able to find all the information you require in this site. If, however, you do not or, have any questions please do not hesitate to send an e-mail and ask.

VALUE FOR MONEY     Even with the fluctuations in currency values, we try to give you one of the best deals. The cost includes pick-ups and drop-offs, 5 nights accommodation, breakfasts, an evening meal on your day of arrival (the other evenings we shall take you to small, cosy, local bistro/restaurants), and all touring in Normandy. The only times you will need to spend some money are; four evening meals, lunches - which are usually picnics, and entrance fees.

Martin Reeve with clients Marilyn & Reg,
clinging to the 'bare necessities of life' OUR AIM is to guarantee you an enjoyable, relaxing and carefree holiday where you have no worries about language or finding places. We want you to feel as if you have lived here with us, and to go home smiling. We want you to be so enthralled that you can't wait to tell your friends and show them your photos.

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It costs nothing to ask

Most folk who go on Organised Tours are dragged from pillar to post, always having to keep to a strict timetable and not really knowing where they are. I believe that with a small group it is not only possible to visit the well known places (e.g. Bayeux Tapestry, Omaha Beach, Monet's Gardens), but also some of those 'off the beaten track'. It is also possible to be flexible and more relaxed.
It is infinitely more rewarding for travellers to return home feeling that they they have lived 'in' and experienced a region, albeit for a short time, rather than having viewed it from within a fishtank.

You are encouraged to bring casual clothing e.g. denims, tee-shirts, sweat-shirts, trainers etc. because for 6 days you will be living in Normandy.
Hopefully, we will have relaxing lunchtime picnics and eat-out in French Bistros. And on some days you may not get back to your accommodation until quite late at night.
You will return home not feeling as if you have been a tourist but part of the community.

There is now a Normandy Safaris 'Clients Page' where our clients can put up a few photos and comments.
It should be a help to those who are looking for a tour and want some unbiased information.

If you wish to receive referrals; clients e-mail addresses will be supplied to you upon request.

For details and information on this coming year's tours click on Information & Prices

And, don't forget. It still costs nothing to ask.

We look forward to seeing you soon.