Your 'Normandy Safaris Photo-Album'

Normandy in Spring, Summer or Autumn. Always lots of colour and things to see.

Cider Apples in Normandy


First view of our accommodation.
Our first view of our accommodation.An area in which to relax
Friendly and comfortable, and beautifully peaceful.

Also a very pleasant area for sitting outside
and writing postcards or, having a drink!

Terrific bedrooms!  

An area to relax


Went to Giverny to see Monet's Gardens. 'Gorgeous' !! Giverny. Garden with Monet's house.
Monet's Gardens at Giverny are constantly maintained.

Always flowers
of the season in bloom.
Iris, Roses, Poppies, Nasturtium

This place is an absolute riot of colour.

Monet's Garden, Giverny  Monet's Lily Pond Monet's Lily Pond and Bridge


North of Giverny. On chalk cliffs overlooking the River Seine. King Richard the Lionheart's 12th century Castle 'Chateau Gaillard'.
(We had a really great picnic!)

Chateau Gaillard


Carrouges Gate-HouseWent to Carrouges. 13th - 16th century.

Part of Carrouges inner courtyardOne of most important chateau of its style
in Normandy.
Wonderful interiors
and furniture.



Chateau d'O'
Chateau d'O'. Extremely pretty little chateau.
Surrounded by a moat and set in wonderful parkland.


Falaise Castle
Falaise. Town where William the Conqueror was born.
Castle built by his son on ancestral site and now beautifully restored. Falaise Castle and Lake


the American War Cemetery Arromanches and parts of the Mulberry Harbour

A day at Omaha Beach, part of the D-Day Landing Beaches and, the American War Cemetery at Coleville. A beautiful but sad and moving place.


Arromanches with remains of the Mulberry Floating Harbour.





Visit to Bayeux to see the Tapestry. Awsome! Made soon after the Norman invasion of England in the year 1066
Spent all morning looking at tapestry and related museum. Scene from part of the Bayeux Tapestry
Afterwards went to see Bayeux Cathedral. Bayeux Cathedral

What a facinating place
Chateau de Crevcoeur-en-Auge is! Crevcoeur-en-Auge

Crevcoeur-en-Auge. Building inside the Castle Crevcoeur-en-Auge.This is a wonderful mixture
of 16th &17th century timberframed buildings
and mediaeval stone castle,
which was held by the English during
the 'Hundred Years War'.






St. Germain-de-Livet This was followed with a visit to the gorgeous 16th century Chateau of St.Germain-de-Livet. Built between the hills it is surrounded by a moat which is fed by a local stream. Pretty formal Gardens. Peacocks roam freely in the grounds!

St. Germain-de-Livet





Thank-you Normandy Safaris for a wonderful holiday!

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